Project Description

Hydrafacial 2.0 is a second generation, popular facial procedure for clean, healthy and hydrated skin.
Hydrafacial has many innovations, which help for the perfection of face cleaning technology.

Hydrafacial 2.0 – the right choice for you

Clinical studies show that this procedure with the main function of HydraFacial 2.0 Facial Cleansing is also recommended for smoothing wrinkles in 90% of cases, reduces stains and evens the complexion of the skin in 94% of cases, and makes our skin, softer, younger in 97% of cases. Consumers rate the procedure 98% in efficiency and rank it as the second most wanted and sought after treatment in the world after Botox. HydraFacial 2.0 is suitable for all skin types. The new and improved face-cleansing program helps specialists deal with every type of skin problem – acne, sensitivity and dehydrated skin, pigmentation, sunburn, rosacea, and more.

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The procedures

The duration of one Hydrafacial 2.0 procedure for face cleansing, hydration, smoothening the complexion of the skin or wrinkles takes about 30 to 60 minutes. The total amount of steps in Hydrafacial 2.0 are only three, unlike before when they were 6. In each step, a specific method is applied, and a wide variety of serums are being used, which help contribute to the flawless result at the end. Prices may vary depending on the procedure of your choice.

Fast, easy and efficient:

  • The first step combines cleansing + pilling, because clinical studies show that the serums Activ-4 and GlySal give optimal results when combined together.
  • The second step is a combination between extraction and hydration. For this reason, a new and improved version of the serum Antiox+ is being used. This makes the skin softer thanks to the intensive moisturizing ingredients.
  • The last step is prevention + protection. In this step special serums which smoothen wrinkles and fine lines or erase stains are being used. What is more, the serum Antiox+ contains hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin even further.

Other important features of the facial cleansing procedure include lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy (red and blue lights). The mechanical lymphatic therapy helps with the removal of toxins from the skin. Removing them is of utmost importance, because this makes the skin look naturally healthy with a radiant appearance.




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