Project Description

The latest model – VelaShape III uses the patented Elos technology, combining bipolar radio frequency (RF), heating to a depth of 15 mm, infrared light (IR), which heats the tissue to 3 mm and a vacuum that provides accurate energy supply. It causes deep heating of fat cells, surrounding connective tissue and dermal collagen fibers. This increases blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and stimulation of collagen. In addition, the Velashape III method stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and the extracellular matrix by initiating remodeling to effectively reduce the size of fat cells and smoothen the skin surface.

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The Velashape III technology comprehensively heats connective tissue, improves cellular metabolism while draining, which is essential for healthy skin. This makes the procedure extremely effective and painless.
• In Velashape III, we can observe increased radio frequency energy – up to 150W
• The desired temperature is reached faster
• The time of the procedure is reduced.

Proven effect

In just 1 minute, the radio frequency of the device heats up to 42 degrees therapeutic temperature and keeps it constant for a perfect result. Velashape III is probably the only body-shaping machine in the world for which the manufacturers give a 100% guaranteed result of minus 1.5 cm from the treated area after 1 procedure. Optimal results after a procedure performed with Velashape III – minus 2.6 cm.

This type of effective heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin, leading to a localized reduction in cellulite, volume and improvement of the overall texture of the skin.

  • Complete tightening and improvement of the structure and texture of the skin.

  • Reduces cellulite.

  • Clinical studies show that on average a decrease of 1 to 3 cm is observed after one therapy of the given area.

  • A recent survey shows 97% satisfaction with the procedure.

Velashape III is an innovative procedure for cellulite removal, body-shaping and tightening of the skin. The combination of three technologies in one guarantees fast and visible results. The anti-cellulite procedure can be combined with cryolipolysis for maximum effect. Naturestetica Aesthetic Center is the place where you will receive quality procedures at reasonable prices.




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