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Velashape – the most famous non-invasive procedure in the world for treatment of cellulite and skin tightening

With over 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics, dozens of clinical trials and more than 5 million procedures performed worldwide, Velashape is the world’s most famous non-invasive procedure for cellulite removal and skin tightening.

The Velashape anti-cellulite procedure uses patented Elos technology, combining bipolar radio frequency (RF), heating up to a depth of 15 mm, infrared light (IR), which heats the tissue to 3 mm and a vacuum, which ensures accurate supply of energy. It causes deep heating of fat cells, surrounding connective tissue and dermal collagen fibers. This increases blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and stimulation of collagen. In addition, this anti-cellulite procedure stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and the extracellular matrix and begins remodeling to effectively reduce the size of fat cells and smooths the skin surface.

Naturestetica velashape-2-600x399 Anti-cellulite procedures Velashape II
Naturestetica velashape2-600x396 Anti-cellulite procedures Velashape II

Velashape is a non-operative dermatological anti-cellulite procedure that helps smooth and tighten the skin of the body. The Velashape device works with four different energies simultaneously:

  • Infrared light
  • Radio frequency energy
  • Special pulse-vacuum system
  • Massaging wheels that improve lymphatic drainage

The combined energy works deep into the skin to make its surface smoother and firmer. The increased heat exposure reduces the size of the fat chambers.

Why choose the Velashape anti-cellulite treatments?

  • They are painless and do not cause unpleasant sensations;
  • They are suitable for all ages and all skin types;
  • The prices are affordable and are in accordance with the size of the selected area;
  • They do not only smooth the skin affected by cellulite, but also shape the silhouette, increase elasticity and smooth the texture of the skin;
  • Velashape is the only body-shaping device that reaches the required temperature in-depth to cause NEOCOLAGENESIS – a natural process leading to the formation of new collagen and elastin!

    Thanks to this, the anti-cellulite procedures performed on the basis of this technology not only remove cellulite, but also have a beneficial effect on saggy skin.

For effective cellulite removal, between 6-8 anti-cellulite procedures with VelaShape II are needed, once a week. Depending on the areas affected by cellulite, the separate procedure lasts 20-30 minutes. After completing the course of anti-cellulite procedures, 1 procedure every 1-3 months is recommended. The first results are noticed after 1-2 procedures. Cellulite is significantly reduced, the circumference of the thighs is 2 to 4 cm smaller, the “grainy” appearance of the skin is smoothed.


  • Complete tightening and improvement of the structure and texture of the skin;
  • Cellulite is reduced. Clinical results show that on average a decrease of 1-2 cm is observed after 1 therapy. A recent survey noted 97% satisfaction among those undergoing anti-cellulite treatments;
  • This type of effective heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin, which leads to a localized reduction in cellulite, volume and improves the overall texture of the skin. Clients usually see a marked improvement in several therapy sessions.
  • Anti-cellulite procedures are most often used to treat the skin in the following areas of the body – abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, and thighs.
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Naturestetica Velashape-result2-1 Anti-cellulite procedures Velashape II
Naturestetica Velashape-result3-400x225 Anti-cellulite procedures Velashape II



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